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The VAC/GMHC would not be the organisation it is today without the many dedicated staff, volunteers, clients, friends and families who have contributed to the ongoing success of the organisation. This website captures just a small part of the last 30 years. Here we invite you to share your memories, experiences or reflections about the organisation.

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Collected Memories

  1. My experience with VAC is recent and at the other end of my HIV experiences. Diagnosed in Sydney 1988 at age 22 I left pain behind and travelled the world until last year when I resettled back in my home state of Victoria. This year 2013 – VAC ran an advertisement for a pre HAART group – I enrolled. VAC gave me strength to realise my story and re-evaluate my past -I acknowledge my pain and any darkness I had was peeled away to reveal a life of achievement and creative inner power. Today I see HIV as the foundation and very root force for my drive and quests for adventure.

  2. This year I will have been residing in StKilda since 1976, with a two year break for travel. During the day I worked in various GovtBusEnt over that time and initially of a night, also worked in local live entertainment venues, including the PrinceOfWales, prior to becoming a Community Volunteer, subsequently @thePLC inStK.

    Over the 5years of my involvment, 1993-1998,I also worked briefly on the FrontReception desk @VAC/GMHC. It was a time of mixed emotions as ever increasingly I attended ‘life celebrations’for friends, patrons and acquaintances.

    It did however inspire me to leave Govt., return to study in the Humanities area, specifically Community Development, which I will practice for the rest of my life.

    I’m grateful to ALL involved over the years for their comraderie, inspiration, training and support. It is with pride I remain a part of this committed community, and have been overjoyed by today’s recognition of 30years and this portal to reflect.

    Thanks again to all involved.