President’s message
Welcome to the 30th anniversary website of the Victorian AIDS Council / Gay Men’s Health Centre (VAC/GMHC). The events, and personalities, you will read about here remind us of the gay community’s immense achievements in fighting HIV and AIDS, the support they received from women and their straight allies in doing so, and the enormous loss of those who died in the epidemic. The 30th anniversary is also a good time to remember that VAC/GMHC’s vision of ‘a future without HIV’ is yet to be realised. But it can be done, provided we heed the lesson of the organisation’s founding – as relevant today as it was in 1983: that whether it be HIV, or another health crisis, those communities who are affected must be at the heart of any response. VAC/GMHC’s countless volunteers and staff members have made its achievements possible. This site is for them. And it is for you. I trust you will enjoy and be enriched by it.

Michael Williams
VAC/GMHC President

Appreciation is extended to everyone who contributed to this story by sharing their memories and images and welcoming us into the VAC/GMHC community.

Fiona Poulton, Lucy Bracey, Katherine Sheedy & Sarah Rood
Way Back When Consulting Historians

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The inclusion of photographs of individuals on this site does not imply anything about HIV status or sexuality.

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The contents of this website have also been produced as a book, Under the Red Ribbon: Thirty Years of the Victorian AIDS Council / Gay Men’s Health Centre, which is available to purchase ($15.00).

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